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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

weblogger.el v2.0

I worked with e-blog for a little bit, but the interface was a little rough around the edges. I had tried using weblogger.el initially, but it didn't work entirely correctly with Blogger. I supposed it was because Blogger had deprecated its XML-RPC interface for its GData interface. So I took some time to try and integrate GData support into weblogger.el. I based most of the XML wrangling off of e-blog's code. And I tried to streamline weblogger.el's configuration step, so that it relied mainly on emacs customization rather than an interactive configuration step.

I am going to spend some time using the code before I announce it on emacswiki, but so far it's looking pretty good. Here's what the interface looks like for the beginning of this entry that I am composing. (Yes, I want more "screenshots" for emacs applications. There are too few!)

Subject: weblogger.el v2.0
Keywords: emacs blog weblogger
Weblog: gnufool
--text follows this line--
I worked with e-blog for...

The code is available on github. I am anointing it version 2.0 because it probably has broken something. I still have a few ideas for what I'd like to see in the future, like Markdown integration, and perhaps a *Buffer List* like mode to look at all your blog entries.


  1. Hello! I was trying to use weblogger.el but I can't publish anything because I get "XML-RPC fault `java.lang.NullPointerException'".
    Have you any idea or suggestion to fix it? I'm googling... :)

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  3. Hi Shane,

    Came across your site after looking for some time for a (functional) alternative to e-blog, weblogger, etc.

    I have set up as per your instructions but I seem to get an error when starting up emacs:

    File error: Cannot open load file, g

    After a bit of hunting in the elisp files, I saw this within weblogger-gdata.el:

    (require 'g)
    (require 'g-app)
    (require 'gblogger)

    I know nothing about lisp, but it appears the script is trying to load other scripts called "g", "g-app" and "gblogger", but these files weren't present in the github download...

    Any advice? Is it safe to just comment these out?


  4. Any resolution to the requires above? They still exist from the git repository.

  5. Loading file is problematic for me too until I was unaware of the reason behind this. thankx for Internet we never stay unaware too long.

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