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Monday, February 23, 2009

Emacs Blogger Support

I am an emacs guy, so of course, I want to edit my blog from emacs. No biggie, I thought. I thought g-client was going to be it since I believe it is maintained by google, and I could post an entry easily enough. However, I could not edit an entry. The library had the facilities for it given I knew what the edit URL was, and despite digging down into some of google's technical documentation I was not able to find it. Anyway, my synopsis for g-client with respect to blogging is that it's a plumbing library; it is not what you would actually want to use to do blog entries. It's what you would want to use to perhaps build an emacs module to do blogging.

I looked into a number of different libraries, and I finally came across e-blog. It gave me a decent user interface that allowed me to post and edit blog entries without having to finagle with any plumbing. Here's what the interface looks like:

1 blog found for shane.celis:
    - gnufool
        * Emacs blogger support [C][X]
Select which blog you would like to post to.

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